Books in the Series

Description of Books

Oxford New Histories of Philosophy will contain two kinds of books.

(1) The first will include primary texts, organized around a prominent author or topic, along with a philosophically astute and historically rich introduction. The goal is to help instructors and scholars navigate unexplored materials in the history of philosophy. Examples include:

Abolition and the Question of Slavery: Philosophical Writings, 1780-1880

Gender Equality 1487-1693

Sophie de Grouchy’s Letters on Sympathy

Martin Robison Delany’s Political Writings

Émilie du Châtelet’s Philosophical Writings

Margaret Cavendish’s Philosophical Letters

(2) The second kind of books will be philosophical commentaries on important non-canonical primary materials. Whether a single-authored monograph or collection of essays, these will explicate and evaluate works and topics left out of standard narratives. The goal here is to offer sophisticated analyses of understudied primary materials. Examples include:

Exploring Early Modern Writings on Women’s Rights and Authority, 1600-1800

Exploring the Political Thought of Martin Robison Delany

Exploring the Philosophy of Anne Conway

Exploring the Philosophy of Émilie du Châtelet